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Are you looking for a home for your editing needs? As a self-published author, Natalie Sadè has had to learn the ends and outs of the writing industry. Now she is prepared to share it with you! We offer everything an author needs to prepare their manuscript for publication.

  • Editing

    • Manuscripts, Synopses, Bios, Web content

  • Test Reading

  • Proofreading

  • Page Layout/Interior Design

  • Formatting

  • Ghostwriting

Our work:
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Mr. Magick Cover.JPG

Reds Johnson

National Best seller

My thoughts on working with Editor Natalie Sade was smooth sailing. I’m so used to editors having malicious intent when they come across me and my work. However, Natalie wasn’t like that. In my opinion, she read my book not only from an editors standpoint but also from a readers perspective. She gave me pointers and told me what she felt I should change. She also gave me good feedback on parts of the story she really liked. Overall, she really enjoyed my story which made me comfortable with her being my editor because she’s firm but not disrespectful, and I think that’s something every writer should experience. She showed that you don’t have to tear a writers work down to prove you’re an editor. I highly recommend Natalie Sade.

Wahida Clark

4x new york best seller

Great Job! We grinded it out in 72 hours...5 days tops! That earned you the Wahida Clark seal of approval.

Amazon best seller


I started off using Natalie for my publishing company and she has done amazing work with helping setting the tone for our books. Not only is she a great editor, she’s also a wonderful test reader when it comes to pointing out inconsistences and other weak areas in which the author must improve. One of the many things I experienced working with Natalie is her professionalism and her awesome turnaround time because she’s never been late returning my edits back to me. You will not be disappointed with this brilliant editor’s work! 

Soul publications author

Nona Day

It has been a joy having Natalie to edit, proofread and write synopses for me. She not only edits my books but she has helped me grow as a writer. She’s professional, punctual, and experienced. I would recommend using her services to anyone. You won’t be disappointed.

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