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Natalie Sadè is the CEO and founder of October 15th Publishing Co. She started her writing career in 2014 when she self-published her first novel, After January. It was later rereleased with a new title, Cut From The Same Cloth and became a series.


Since then she has produced a wide range of books covering a multitude of categories. From family drama to the ups and downs of relationships, from strong men to powerful women, from backstabbing friends to friends you can't live without, from the nine to five hustle to the 'get it how you live' grind, from finding yourself to finding your one true love; Romance, Women's Fiction, Crime, Suspense, religion, lust, deceit, passion... it's all between the covers of a Natalie Sadè novel.


Because of her love for different genres, Natalie Sadè created a new pen name. Dell Palmer was created as a tribute to her grandmothers because of their love for books. Books authored by Dell Palmer dance between sanity, insanity, love and murder. The stories are layered, and can be read on a surface level or a more in-depth level. One reader may see a scene or character in an external light while another may find deeper meanings to the thoughts and actions behind the context. Either way, readers will enjoy the novel!

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